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What’s the crypto market doing today?

The Crypto Market Performing Today is heading toward a bullish scenario, as indicated by the spike in greedy sentiments per the fear and greed index. A twenty percent increase has brought the whole market capitalization to $2.56 trillion, while the total trading volume is at $80.15 billion. With a slight gain in Bitcoin’s price, which pushed its worth past the $69K level earlier, Bitcoin’s dominance is still above average at 53.1%. But now it’s trading at $68,890, down another drop.

With a trading volume of $7.7 billion and a 24% rise, the meme coin market cap is now at $62 billion. In addition, meme coins such as Gamestop, PEPE, and STRUMP have lately achieved tremendous gains, making them the most lucrative cryptocurrency category for a few days. On the Solnana network, the cryptocurrency market is booming, with a market cap of $231 billion and a trade volume of $69.6 billion in just 24 hours, following a 17% spike. Crypto traders are capitalizing on the gains in Solana coins, and the network is seeing an influx of profitable choices.

Most Profiting Cryptocurrencies In The Crypto Market Today

Most Profiting Cryptocurrencies In The Crypto Market Today

As a result of the presence of both bulls and bears, the cryptocurrency market is now experiencing both gains and losses. As of today, the DOG GO TO MOON cryptocurrency, which is based on dogs, has experienced a jump of 23%, making it the most profitable cryptocurrency currently available. The next item on the list is Kaspa, which has seen its value rise by 18% since yesterday and is presently trading at $0.1746.

Not only has the price of Bitcoin increased by 209% over the past week, but it is also continuing to move upward. A total of 17% of value has been added to the price of these items just today. JasmyCoin is trading at $0.038, following a 13% increase in value over the previous twenty-four hours.

Declining Cryptocurrencies of The Day

Declining Cryptocurrencies of The Day

A few crypto assets, notably the Pepe Coin, have experienced a downward trajectory despite the generally greedy attitudes. Although it achieved its highest performance in May, the frog meme coin has experienced a decrease of 5% in the past twenty-four hours. The current price of PEPE is $0.00001441, and it is moving away from the all-time high of $0.00001718, which was just recently established.

Additionally, the price of Shiba Inu is falling today, following a significant price increase the day before. Now, it is trading at $0.00002392, the lowest position it has reached this week. We also have GALA, BONK, Bitget Token, and many other cryptocurrencies on the list of declining cryptocurrencies. Although this is the case, the cryptocurrency market is bullish and generating profits for traders. In addition, the ones that have fallen in value today have presented the ideal possibilities to purchase at a low price and then sell after the market has recovered significantly.

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