Daily Market Review: BTC, ETH, FET, AGIX, AKT

Daily Market Review: During today’s market session, bulls regained power, as evidenced by the rise in global capitalisation. The overall cap was at $2.36T, an increase of 1.97% over the previous twenty-four hours.

Bitcoin Price Review

Bitcoin (BTC) is a gainer in today’s session, as can be observed from the price movements; when we look at an in-depth study, we see a falling wedge formation, which is usually a positive reversal pattern. According to the current price, which is close to the wedge’s support line, there is a possibility that the price may break out to the upside. Based on the information provided, the target price is around $72,000, corresponding to the wedge pattern peak.

On the other hand, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is said to be neutral, indicating that there is room for an upward advance without being overbought. Bitcoin was trading at $65,541 at the time of this publication, which is a 0.02% rise over the previous twenty-four hours.

Ethereum Price Review

Ethereum Price Review

Today’s price changes show that Ethereum (ETH) is doing well. Looking at the data closely, we can see that Ethereum’s price is consolidating around the middle band of the Bollinger Bands. There is little volatility as the Bollinger Bands are narrow.

However, the relative strength index (RSI) shows no trend, suggesting that neither overbought nor oversold conditions exist. A potential target near the upper range ($3,622.34) could be reached if upward momentum persists. At the time of writing, one Ethereum token was trading at $3,586, up 1.14 per cent from the previous day. Price Review

The price action of (FET) indicates that it is doing well today. A further examination reveals that the Alligator indicator shows a bullish trend, with the green line above the red and blue lines.

But the MFI is 81.30, so it’s overbought. This could indicate a possible consolidation or pullback before any more upward trend. The price of Ethereum has risen 28.3 per cent in the past day, reaching $1.68 as of this writing.

SingularityNET Price Review

SingularityNET Price Review

Based on its price moves, SingularityNET (AGIX) is one of the top gainers in Daily Market Review. According to an in-depth examination, the Supertrend indicator displays a bullish signal over $0.6748. Right now, the price is hovering around this mark. It would be a bullish trend confirmation if the price could stay above $0.6748.

The volume oscillator is rising, which indicates that purchasing pressure is growing when combined with the other signs. As of this writing, one SingularityNET token was trading at $0.6807, a rise of 25.3% from the previous day.

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Akash Network Price Review

The price action of Akash Network (AKT) indicates that it is also one of the session’s gainers. With careful examination, we can observe that the price of the Akash Network is currently trading inside the Ichimoku Cloud, suggesting a consolidation phase.

However, at 86.7351, Woody’s CCI is in the bullish zone, indicating upward momentum. A breakout above the cloud, precisely above the Leading Span B ($3.3147), would confirm a bullish trend. At the time of publishing, one Akash Network token was selling for $3.20, up 7.08% from the previous day.

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