L1 Blockchain Aptos Beats Solana with 115.4M Daily Transactions

Aptos, built by ex-Facebook employees, is a layer-1 L1 Blockchain Beats Solana platform that has achieved a milestone in blockchain transactions. Aptoscan reports that on May 25, Aptos recorded an incredible 115.4 million transactions, far more than Solana’s 31.7 million. The unprecedented spike in transaction volume broke all prior records, including Sui Network’s L1 record of 65 million, which was damaged by more than 50%. Transaction volume on Aptos has been growing exponentially, a sign of the platform’s popularity and the industry’s general upswing.

The number of transactions per second (TPS) on the blockchain hit a record high of 32,000 on the same day, according to data from Aptoscan. This shows how the L1 Blockchain Beats Solana ecosystem is becoming increasingly active, a testament to the platform’s strength and capacity to scale. The release of Tapos Cat, a novel tap-to-earn game, has quickly become popular, increasing transactional activity on Aptos.

Tapos Cat was a significant factor in the platform’s increasing activity. They are processing a whopping 10 million transactions on their first day on the mainnet. By ‘tickling’ a virtual cat, players of Tapos Cat can earn $HEART tokens, which can be used for various in-game purchases. To further encourage participation without adding unnecessary expenses, the game offers a free gas experience for the first 72 hours.

Crypto Veterans Question Tapos Cat’s Long-Term Viability

Some have questioned Tapos Cat’s sustainability and practicality, including Helius Labs’ CEO. The focus on click-and-buy engagements in the game, they say, could lead to inflated stats without actually satisfying players’ requirements. On the other hand, Aptos advocates argue that Tapos Cat is a vital engineering effort since it demonstrates. The network’s scalability and resilience lays the groundwork for future improvements.

David Lawee, a former Google VP of corporate development, is one of several worldwide advisers. The Aptos Labs team has just been brought on board. T wallet, a Web3 wallet service, is in the works to be launched by Aptos Labs and Atomrigs—lab with SK Telecom (SKT), a South Korean telecom operator.

Solana Among Fastest Blockchains

At 91 million daily transactions, Solana easily outpaces all other significant blockchains. While the memecoin fever was in full swing on April 6, Solana set a new daily average of 1,504 TPS. Since Polygon has the highest transaction per second (TPS) among Ethereum scaling alternatives. The L1 Blockchain Beats Solana is more than five times faster than Ethereum and 46 times faster than Ethereum overall.

For all its bragging rights about being the fastest blockchain, Solana has only hit 64.6% of its 65,000 TPS theoretical capacity. The processing speed of another layer of Ethereum scaling or layer two solutions has not surpassed one blockchain. The slower realized TPS for various blockchains can be because there are fewer on-chain transactions on Ethereum scaling solutions.

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