Apple Leaves X Despite Musk’s Heat, Shiba Inu Warns Bearishly

Shiba Inu Warns Bearishly: It surprised everyone when Apple decided to erase all of its tweets on X (once known as Twitter) and stop following any accounts on the platform. These actions occurred when tensions between Apple and X’s owner, Elon Musk, reached an all-time high. A short while ago, Musk voiced his disapproval of Apple’s decision to include OpenAI technology in its products.

Apple Exiting X: Shiba Inu Exec Responds

The head of Shiba Inu’s marketing department, Lucie, went to X to voice her displeasure. According to her, this is a bearish move. “X is the one that Apple left. Writing from the perspective of someone who owns all things Apple, she warned Tim Cook that this was a highly bearish move. Therefore, the market’s concerns about the tech giant’s choice are mirrored in her comments. The Shiba Inu Warns Bearishly executive went even further, calling the most recent events a “crazy move.” The disagreement started when Musk expressed his displeasure with Apple using OpenAI’s technology in iPhones.

“Apple products would be banned in my companies if they embedded OpenAI in the operating system. That’s a security no-no,” Elon Musk said earlier this week. This audacious claim suggests that Musk’s businesses may experience operational interruptions. Some of these companies that frequently use Apple products are X, SpaceX, and Tesla. The latest Siri update by Apple is the source of Musk’s worries. The tech giant revealed their intentions to improve Siri by incorporating OpenAI’s ChatGPT. With this upgrade, Siri may now use Apple Intelligence’s ChatGPT to process requests, including those containing documents and photographs.

Apple Exiting X: Shiba Inu Exec Responds

Also, Musk has been rather outspoken about not trusting this integration. He said that Apple is “not smart enough” to create its artificial intelligence and slammed the company’s capabilities. Furthermore, he voiced concerns regarding privacy issues, claiming Apple was careless with customer data. When you give your data to OpenAI, Apple has no idea what happens next. According to Musk, they are selling you short.

Musk proposed tight security measures for his businesses in reaction to these privacy worries. He suggested that everybody visiting his offices place their Apple gadgets in a Faraday cage to forestall any possible security breaches. The extreme step taken by Musk reveals his profound concerns about the partnership between Apple and OpenAI.

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Musk Drops OpenAI Lawsuit

Musk Drops OpenAI Lawsuit

Musk and OpenAI’s long-running conflict includes many twists and turns. Though he eventually severed ties with OpenAI, Musk was an early backer and co-founder of the company. Musk has decided not to sue OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman. The corporation was said in the lawsuit to have put profit before people.

Musk further claimed that OpenAI had abandoned its original mission and had essentially turned into a Microsoft spinoff. But OpenAI shot Musk’s accusations down. In their lawsuit, the business claimed that Tesla’s CEO had previously supported their move to a for-profit model, pushing them to raise substantial capital.

Also, contrary to what Musk said, OpenAI maintained that they had not broken any promises or conditions related to making their technology open-source or the founding agreement. This conflict is having a significant impact on the IT sector. Meanwhile, Apple’s decision to get out of X may indicate a change in the company’s social media approach and attitude towards Musk.

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