Top 3 Politically-Inspired Meme Coins to Watch

Politically Inspired Meme Coins: A more considerable market upswing has increased the price of meme coins inspired by politics over the past twenty-four hours. As prominent cryptocurrencies continued their ascent, a bullish feeling was observed in the cryptocurrency market. As financial institutions continue to amass Bitcoin (BTC), the asset’s price has risen to a level greater than $71,300. This is a 1.6% increase from the previous day, bringing the weekly gains to 6%. Moreover, this expansion was observed in cryptocurrencies as well as meme coins.

More specifically, meme coins had the most increase in value as the market capitalization surpassed $69 billion. Today’s increase is 5.1%. The period leading up to the presidential election in the United States has been marked by the prevalence of meme coins influenced by political issues. As a result of recent measures in Congress that are gaining traction, crypto assets have become a significant election topic. Inflows have been documented in assets modeled after former United States President Joe Biden and former United States President Donald Trump. It would be best if you kept an eye out for the following Politically Inspired Meme Coins themed this week.

Obama (OBEMA)

Obama is the meme coin acquiring the most value, with inflows reaching 257%. In anticipation of the United States elections and a shift in market attitude, the asset-themed after Barack Obama has experienced a surge in value. As a result of higher flows to more recent tokens, the weekly gains currently stand at 224%. The daily trading volume of OBEMA has reportedly increased to above $1.5 million, as indicated by data provided by CoinGecko.



The MAGA PEPE meme is based on the high-flying meme coin PEPE and the presidential candidate Donald Trump. Several factors, including market comments and personal holdings of the presidential candidate, have contributed to the appreciation of tokens with a Trump theme. The asset has seen a daily volume of $2.9 million, a 103% increase over yesterday.

Earlier Wednesday, the former president’s cryptocurrency holdings surpassed the $30 million mark. The forthcoming elections in the United States of America have given rise to the assumption that Congress may be able to accomplish regulatory reforms.

DT D.T.u

This asset has seen a rise of 15.9% today and 179% inflows over the past seven days. Because of the fresh money that came in, the market valuation of the asset increased to $2.9 million. As a result of the token’s relatively recent introduction to the market, the trading volume surrounding it is relatively modest, and holders are clamoring for increased flows. There are currently 1.75 billion dollars worth of market capitalization for Politically Inspired Meme Coins.

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